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Floral Preservation

As the most experienced floral preservationist's in Colorado, we take great care in making sure you get to keep your best memories forever. Florals brought to us are deconstructed and put in a deep freezer to harden, then are prepared for our industrial grade freeze-dryer which keeps your flowers in nearly perfect shape and color! Our designers then create a stunning master piece that you can keep, so you don't have to go through the heart-break of tossing your bouquet, or your newly-wed husbands boutonniere!


If you'd like to preserve your florals, we have you covered! However, for your flowers to come out of the freeze-dryer as perfect as possible, we need a little help from you...


After your event, have a dedicated friend or family member be in charge of insuring your flowers get delivered to us. To keep flowers in prime-condition, spritz them with cold water, give bouquet stems a fresh trim, and then place them in fresh water and keep cold in a refrigerator. For florals other than bouquets, just give them a fresh spritz of water to keep them hydrated, and keep them in a cold environment as well! The sooner the flowers are delivered, the better!

*If we are your florists, we can pick up your flowers at the end of an event. Floral preservation must be pre-decided with your designer to arrange pick-up.


Need to arrange floral preservation or make an appointment for your event? No Worries! Our consultations are free! 

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