Flower Preservation

Whatever occasion you want to remember, a floral keepsake will make a cherished memory last. We use the freeze-dried floral preservation process which is the best in the industry. This state-of-the–art technology creates flowers that are perfectly preserved.  The flowers are frozen and placed into our freeze-dry machine where the vacuum pump extracts the moisture from the frozen flowers as we slowly raise the temperature.


Custom Display Options for Preserved Flowers

Once your flowers have finished with the preservation process, we will schedule a consultation to help you choose a custom display. We offer a wide range of options, including  wall frames, shadow boxes and tabletop displays. Your custom designed keepsake can include any momento you choose, photos, invitations, garters or any sentimental item you wish. The possibilities are endless and we have displays to fit every budget. With every bride’s bouquet we freeze dry the groom’s boutonniere and both mothers’ corsages for no additional cost.  We can also freeze dry and frame flowers from any special occasion, anniversaries, proms, births, etc.  Have them preserved today.  Call us at 970 613-1252 for a free consultation.


Cut ‘N Dried Price List

Hearts Ovals Rectangles Round
8”       $300 5×7    $105 8×10    $300 14”     $450
14”     $450 8×10    $300 11×14    $400
19”     $650 11×14    $400 12×16    $450
12×16    $475 16×20    $550
16×20    $550 20×24    $700
20×24    $800


Flower Preservation Photo Gallery